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Terms and Conditions


The price is an estimation of the normal cost of the transfer. This could change change slightly due to unforeseen circumstances ; (more passengers than booked, delays, stops and waiting time not planned, traffic jams, deviations and or other changes to the original itinerary, etc).


The booking guarantees the transport of the number of people for whom the booking is made by one or several vehicles in accordance with the number of seats authorized by the French Law. The type(s) of vehicles utilized depends on their availability.
We reserve the right to organize certain transfers with other taxi/transport companies if, due to unforeseen circumstances, our float of vehicles is unable to assure the service.


We advise you to book as soon as possible.
All bookings will be subject to our accepting the transfer. All accepted bookings will be confirmed by fax or email.
We can suggest a departure time for the return transfer. It is your responsibility to decide your departure time whilst taking into account possible delays and risks (snow, traffic etc).


Transport of luggage is assured according to the conditions outlined in the insurance contract of the company.
Luggage allocated per person is limited to the volume of luggage one person may carry by themselves. For all luggages over this limit please inform us when making the booking and allowances will be made accordingly.


We are not responsible for any delays and consequences direct of indirect on your timetable. Also for all other damage, loss, delays, expenses, or other inconveniences which occur directly or indirectly by all events or action outside our company and which are not limited to wars, civil perturbation, fire, floods, unforeseen events, acts of the Government or all other authorities, accidents, breakdowns, industrial action, traffic jams, heavy weather conditions (snow), etc.


It is forbidden to :